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Life can throw unexpected curves, and sometimes those curves lead down the path of divorce or separation. During these challenging times, you will certainly feel overwhelmed by emotions and confused by the legal complexities, many of which you might not have even considered. But remember, you are not alone.

At Keith Family Law, our legal team serves as your legal counsel and trusted allies in this journey. Our divorce attorneys in New Jersey stand ready to provide personalized, empathetic, and professional support every step of the way.

Whether you need an uncontested divorce attorney to ensure a smooth, amicable process or a separation lawyer to guide you through complicated relationship issues and maybe a trial separation before divorce, our family law attorneys put your needs first. These life transitions can throw a wrench into your family’s dynamics if handled correctly, but we’re here to ease the burden and reduce the likelihood of common complications that can plague separated and divorced partners.

This approach combines a deep understanding of New Jersey’s family law landscape with a commitment to your well-being, setting us apart as quality NJ divorce lawyers with experience and heart. Our phenomenal legal team is at your service to help you navigate these uncharted territories and find your footing.

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A Family Law Attorney That Puts Your Family First

The path of divorce or separation is like a journey through an unfamiliar landscape, filled with complex legal issues and the daunting prospect of divorce court. At Keith Family Law, we understand the emotional heaviness and anxiety you are feeling and are committed to providing you with unique, empathetic, and quality legal advice every step of the way. Our separation and divorce attorneys are well-versed in all family law areas, such as spousal support and child custody, and the every-changing nuances of New Jersey’s family law system.

We firmly believe it’s possible to transition through this challenging period amicably, minimizing conflict and promoting mutual respect. Our commitment is to simplify the complexities for you, ensuring that you’re legally prepared and emotionally equipped to move forward with confidence and peace.

Katie and Donald: Divorce and Separation in New Jersey

Meet Katie and Donald, a New Jersey couple at a crossroads in their marriage. Read on as they grapple with whether to pursue a divorce or a legal separation, and find themselves exploring two distinct paths in the state of New Jersey.

The Divorce Dilemma:

Katie and Donald own a charming home in New Jersey where they live with their two small children, Nicholas and Zachary. Katie and Donald know that if they proceed with a divorce, they will have to deal with alimony, custody, child support, and the division of their family home and all their finances. They also know that their relationship as a couple will be permanently over.

The potential for adversarial legal proceedings becomes very real for Katie and Donald. Formal discovery, including depositions, interrogatories, subpoenas, experts, and the like – along with the cost, the stress, and the inevitable fighting in court and at home – loom large. There would be court dates and lawyers making hurtful arguments, and Nicholas and Zachary would likely be subjected to a custody evaluation (and possibly several if Katie and Donald and their attorneys do not agree on the outcome of the first evaluation). 

Katie and Donald are very worried about the negative impact the divorce process could have on each other and their children. Katie and Donald worried that ability to co-parent after a contentious divorce if they move too fast.

Navigating Legal Separation:

Katie and Donald decide to slow things down. They meet with their attorneys and decide that a legal separation could be a transitional step. This way, Katie and Donald can live apart under a Separation Agreement that gives them some structure while they are living apart. Donald makes arrangements to live with the children’s grandparents, where Nicholas and Zachary can spend parenting time with him in a familiar place while he and Katie decide what they will do. Katie and Donald make arrangements for Nicholas and Zachary to see a counselor to help them adjust to what’s happening and help them if they have anxieties or experience behavioral issues.

Katie and Donald come up with a plan for custody and parenting time with Nicholas and Zachary that works for both of them. They and their attorneys go to an experienced family law mediator to help them solve child and spousal support, and while they are there, they agree on the division of property. By the end of their discussions, Katie and Donald have a clear path forward.

Creating a Separation Agreement:

Katie and Donald recognize the importance of clarity during their separation. So, they focus on having their attorneys create a comprehensive Separation Agreement. This document outlines their living arrangements, financial responsibilities, and child-focused arrangements for Nicholas and Zachary. As they navigate this process, Katie and Donald seek the guidance of their experienced family law attorneys to ensure that their rights and the best interests of their children are protected.

Katie and Donald’s legal separation gives them the space for reflection without the immediate finality of a divorce. They evaluate their feelings, address the impact on Nicholas and Zachary, and explore potential paths forward. Ultimately, Katie and Donald do decide to divorce. When the time comes, they return to their attorneys and convert their Separation Agreement into a Marital Settlement Agreement. Now that they have a settled case, Katie and Donald have their attorneys file for a no-fault divorce. Their attorneys asked the Court to schedule an uncontested hearing. Katie and Donald are not required to appear in person, and their attorneys submit their Certifications electronically instead. Shortly thereafter, Katie and Donald’s attorneys receive the Final Judgment of Divorce from the New Jersey judge. Katie and Donald continue to carry out the plan they originally created in their Separation Agreement smoothly and without unnecessary drama.

The Unique Benefits:

While divorce brings a definite end to the marriage, a legal separation through a Separation Agreement in New Jersey offers Katie and Donald a chance to breathe, reflect, and make decisions with flexibility. Their decision to continue in this way provided financial clarity, space for emotional healing, and a child-focused approach that fostered stability for Nicholas and Zachary.

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