Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

Facing a divorce dispute and seeking a calm, efficient, and cost-effective path to resolution? Mediation could be your answer. Keith Family Law’s experienced divorce mediators in New Jersey are here to help. Divorce conflicts are tough to handle — especially without qualified mediators and mediation-friendly family law attorneys to help get the job done.

Keith Family Law’s experienced divorce attorneys are also mediation-friendly, in appropriate circumstances. This means that when you work with us, we will be able to guide you to mediation as a solution where we think it will help you.

What if you could turn this challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and understanding? With our experienced team of mediators and mediation-friendly attorneys, we help transform disagreements into dialogues and conflicts into compromises. Let us give you the professional guidance and support you need to work through this popular method of dispute resolution with confidence. Contact us today, and let us take the first steps toward seeing if your case would benefit from divorce mediation.

Why Would I Need Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation can be an invaluable resource when you find yourself in the midst of a dispute. It provides a structured, neutral environment where all parties can communicate openly and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.

Here are a few reasons why divorce mediation may be right for you:

  • Improved Communication: Mediators facilitate constructive dialogue between the parties, helping to improve communication and mutual understanding.
  • Control Over Decisions: In mediation, the decision-making power rests with the parties involved, not a judge. This control allows for more personalized solutions that can better meet the needs of all parties.
  • Confidential Process: Unlike court proceedings, which are part of the public record, mediation is a private and confidential process. This confidentiality can make parties feel more comfortable discussing sensitive issues.
  • Preservation of Relationships: Mediation tends to be less adversarial than litigation, which can help preserve relationships among partners. This is particularly important in cases involving children, where ongoing cooperation between parents is beneficial.
  • Reduced Stress: The informal and cooperative nature of mediation can reduce the stress and tension often associated with legal disputes.


Jamey and Joseph: Amicable Divorce Using Mediation

In a quiet suburb of New Jersey, Jamey and Joseph face a pivotal moment. They have built a life together, complete with a cozy shore house, a vacation home in Colorado, investments and savings, and a young son named Jesse. Despite the seemingly idyllic life, Jamey and Joseph have made the difficult decision to divorce.

Jamey, with his demanding job in New York City, has been the breadwinner in the marriage. His management level work in the financial sector provides them a comfortable lifestyle. However, Jamey has repeatedly put his rising career first, which has put a strain on his marriage.

Joseph receives cash for his graphic design work and has not been transparent with Jamey about his earnings. In fact, Joseph has never declared his income on their jointly filed taxes. This has been a source of tension between Jamey and Joseph, eroding their trust and leaving them both open to government action. Facing the possibility that they would be forced to disclose their tax issue to a divorce Judge who then has a duty to report this to the IRS, Jamey and Joseph both feel the need for privacy. 

Jamey and Joseph know this process will be stressful, but they also know they need professional legal help to address these and other issues. They each begin searching for experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys.

Jamey and Joseph share the goal of maintaining a good co-parenting relationship for Jesse. Jamey and Joseph also need a private process for their divorce, one that keeps their personal and financial matters away from the public eye. Using a mediator seems like a good option to discuss and resolve their sticky issues with the help of legal professionals and without destroying their relationship.

Jamey and Joseph each retain experienced matrimonial attorneys who are friendly to the mediation process. Their attorneys respect the mediation process, “play well in the sandbox,” and are committed to keeping Jamey and Joseph out of court. 

With the help of these mediation-friendly attorneys, Jamey and Joseph chose a qualified family law mediator who was also experienced in divorce law. The mediator’s job is to facilitate settlement discussions while steering clear of giving legal advice to either Jamey or Joseph, which would interfere with her neutral role.

Jamey meets and prepares with his attorney for the mediation sessions. Joseph does the same with his attorney. They each gather all necessary financial data and discuss their future goals and interests with their separate attorneys, who prepare separate mediation statements for the mediator to review a few days before the first mediation session. 

At the first mediation session, Jamey and Joseph meet with their attorneys. They also meet with the mediator, who is friendly, knowledgeable, and focused. After initial introductions and a roadmap of the process, they review alimony, child support, custody, and, of course, a creative solution to their tax issues. They also review options for the division of their retirement accounts, investment portfolios, real estate properties, and all other issues on the table. 

At the following mediation sessions, the mediator skillfully explains Jamey’s complex compensation scheme. She helps them with a creative way to calculate alimony and child support that is fair to them all and which a judge would never have been able to order. She also helps them consider and distribute Jamey’s deferred compensation and stock options that honored his desire to keep them and to treat Joseph and Jesse fairly.

The discussions are tense at times. However, the mediator skillfully guides them through each point of contention and helps them find a middle ground that they can live with and even benefit from. Jamey and Joseph’s shared commitment to Jesse, and to an amicable and private resolution, also keep the negotiations on track. Jamey and Joseph’s attorneys play crucial roles, bringing Jamey and Joseph’s interests to the fore and steering them toward compromise.

After a few sessions, and with the help of their attorneys, Jamey and Joseph reach an agreement. The mediator prepares a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the essential terms of their divorce settlement and provides it to Jamey and Joseph and their divorce attorneys to review.

Jamey and Joseph’s attorneys skillfully converted the mediator’s memorandum into a legally binding matrimonial settlement agreement, a comprehensive document detailing their settlement and providing additional legal protections. 

Jamey and Joseph signed the Agreement and succeeded in their wishes for a divorce with privacy and calm. They emerge from the process not as adversaries but as co-parents held together by their love for Jesse. Their properties are divided fairly, ensuring both have stable foundations for their new lives apart.

Now, in their separate New Jersey homes near Jesse’s school, Jamey, Joseph, and Jesse adapt to their new lives. Jamey and Joseph find peace in the knowledge that they navigated one of life’s toughest challenges with grace and understanding.

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Inspired by Jamey and Joseph’s story? Skilled attorneys focus on your needs, helping you navigate tense discussions and steering you toward compromise and resolution. Contact us at Keith Family Law today, and let us help you create a fair and amicable resolution that respects your interests and those of your loved ones.

We Provide Divorce Mediation and Mediation-Friendly Review Attorneys for All of NJ

Keith Family Law’s divorce mediation solutions are here for you, offering comprehensive support across every case. Regardless of your unique situation, you can find solace knowing that our seasoned matrimonial mediators and experienced mediation-friendly attorneys are ready to guide you toward resolution. Our areas of services are diverse, ensuring we’re well-equipped to assist NJ residents in their specific circumstances. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey — we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Working With a Qualified Divorce Mediator and Mediation-Friendly Attorneys Makes a Difference

A mediator’s role is to facilitate communication between parties, helping them reach a mutually agreeable resolution that caters to their needs and interests. This approach is different from litigation, where a judge makes the decisions. Instead, a skilled mediator empowers the parties to have a say in the outcome, thus often leading to more satisfying results.

Keith Family Law’s qualified divorce mediators are trained to handle emotional barriers, misperceptions, and communication problems, which are common hurdles in dispute resolution.

Our experienced mediation-friendly attorneys are key to preparing you for mediation, providing a successful mediation process, and making sure your mediated Agreement accurately reflects your understanding and gets in front of the judge at your divorce hearing.

The success of mediation largely depends on the skills of the mediator. A good divorce mediator understands the legal framework governing the mediation process, ensuring that disputes get resolved amicably. This is especially critical in areas like divorce, where emotions can run high, and relationships need to be preserved. Our family law mediators and mediation-friendly attorneys can effectively guide the parties through the complexities of their case, offering a neutral perspective and fostering a cooperative environment. This neutrality builds trust and confidence, making it easier for the parties to engage in productive dialogue.

Should My Mediator Be A Divorce Lawyer (or Family Law Judge)?

The short answer is a resounding “yes.” Some mediators are mental health professionals or professionals in other areas, such as finance. However, a mediator who is a divorce attorney, or even a retired family law judge, can provide advantages that mediators in other professions can’t. These include:

  • Attorney-mediators possess an in-depth understanding of legal principles and procedures. They can provide insights into how laws apply to a specific case and how a court might interpret certain laws.
  • With their legal knowledge, attorney-mediators can help parties understand their legal rights and obligations, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Once a resolution is reached, attorney-mediators prepare a memorandum of understanding that each party’s independent mediation-friendly attorney will then draft into a legally binding Marital Settlement Agreement for the parties’ signature. Having an experienced divorce attorney-mediator can save tremendous time, stress, and energy in this process.
  • In cases that involve intricate legal issues (such as a divorce), an attorney-mediator’s experience can be invaluable. They can guide parties through the complexities of the law, helping them understand and address these issues during the mediation process.

Discover the Difference with Keith Family Law's Divorce Mediation And Mediation-Friendly Attorneys

Divorce disputes can be challenging, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. At Keith Family Law, we’re here to deliver divorce mediation and our mediation-friendly attorneys in New Jersey can help you resolve conflicts amicably. Our attorney-mediators and mediation-friendly attorneys are well-versed in the law and skilled communicators trained to facilitate open, respectful conversations.

When you choose Keith Family Law’s divorce mediation services, you’re choosing:

  • Expert guidance from attorney-mediators with deep legal knowledge
  • A collaborative approach to dispute resolution
  • Faster, less expensive alternatives to litigation
  • Confidential, respectful discussions in a neutral environment

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