Amicable Divorce

Working together for a better outcome

Couples who are willing and able to communicate with one another and set shared priorities in the divorce process may seek a cost-effective, amicable divorce in New Jersey. As long as both parties are cooperative and reasonable, there are a range of options that can produce a favorable outcome and set you up for a bright, new future.

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How do I know if amicable divorce is an option?

If you and your spouse can effectively communicate, “get along,” or share priorities in the divorce process, an amicable divorce could be your best option. If the marriage is over but there is still a high level of trust in the relationship, the path forward may be much more cooperative in nature. Our firm will always advocate for your best interests, but an amicable divorce allows you to move forward in a manner where both you and your spouse work together in a way so that each of your interests are considered and both treated fairly.

What are the benefits of pursuing divorce amicably?

One of the greatest advantages of an amicable divorce is the fact that you and your spouse can keep control of the divorce process. Although there are often bumps in the road, it’s not nearly as expensive or taxing as “going to court.”

Once a divorce case is in court, your divorce process is placed entirely on the timeline of the court. It’s often more expensive, frustrating, and risky as the outcomes are somewhat out of your control.

If you are embroiled in litigation, the words of you and your ex-spouse may be twisted. More, lawyers may make strategic moves that you believed your ex-spouse would never make in terms of finances, parenting time, accusations, and a myriad of other ways.

Amicable divorce can set a smoother path that can set you and your ex-spouse up for a brighter, more collaborative future.

What is collaborative divorce?

The New Jersey Family Law Act now recognizes Collaborative Practice, giving you a new collaborative divorce method with strategies to dissolve your marriage together in a collaborative way. Collaboratively trained attorneys and their clients can meet with collaboratively trained mental health/child specialists and financial neutrals in a process that has been proven to reduce conflict, preserve families, and promote lasting marital settlement agreements.

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