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“I’ll put it simply – I could go on and on about how great she was
and how important the efforts and professionalism of a divorce attorney are, but truthfully,
I couldn’t have had a better person working for me.”


"I felt that my Keith Family Law ALWAYS HAD MY BACK!!!"

Annette Beshar

“Not only did Ms. Keith help me resolve my case (in my favor) but she also helped me understand what I needed to do for myself and for my child to keep our lives moving forward in a positive direction. I would highly recommend Ms. Keith to anyone!”


"Heather is the absolute best. She helped me navigate a very painful divorce process with professionalism and patience."

Elizabeth Graner

"Lawyers often get a bad rap for being heartless and cold. In my experience with Heather Keith she is direct opposite of that. Yes you pay her to take care of your legal issues, which by the way she does with a great deal of skill, but you don't pay her to care about you as a human. This is where Heather sets herself apart. Divorce is hard and emotional. Heather helps guide you through the process with strength and support. Even when she is telling you unpleasant truths about your situation it always feels as if she understands all of your concerns. I cannot state more strongly how talented and human this woman is. In two words: hire her."

Jody Ebert

"I have worked with Heather on and off for years and couldn't have asked for someone better to be in my corner. Heather and the entire staff at Keith Family Law Group made what I was going through much easier. Heather has always answered any questions I had, she is honest and doesn't beat around the bush. She's fantastic and I'm very grateful I found her!"

Kathryn Pacelli