My Spouse Won’t Sign the Papers; What Do I Do Now?

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No one truly wants a divorce, and if you’re going through one or feel like one is best, you want your situation to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone has an amicable separation, and some spouses refuse to sign divorce papers and deal with the legal ramifications of a relationship ending. If your spouse doesn’t […]

What’s the Difference Between Custody and Guardianship in New Jersey?

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Family law can be complex, and legal definitions can be a bit mystifying when it comes to the care of a child. Many consider the idea of custody and guardianship to be one and the same. However, these terms describe separate arrangements, and the main differentiator lies in the child’s parentage. Custody orders pertain to […]

Covid-19’s Impact on New Jersey Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody Issues

COVID-19 impact NJ family law

The breakneck speed at which COVID-19 has spread across the United States has shocked the entire nation, especially in locations that are seeing exponential community transmission such as New York and New Jersey. At the risk of overusing a phrase, the situation on the ground is rapidly changing every day. It’s a time of enormous […]

Gaining Guardianship in New Jersey: What to Expect

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When your loved ones are safe and in good health, you probably aren’t thinking about a possible need for guardianship. Circumstances may require it though – a special needs child comes of age, a sibling faces unexpected severe health problems, or an aging parent struggles to handle their affairs. Whatever the situation, a petition for […]