Can I Have My Child Support Payments Reduced?

Child support payments on wooden desk.

When children become a focal point of a divorce case, charged emotions, arguments over money, and custody battles are commonplace. In the aftermath of these deliberations, you may have to make child support payments to your former spouse every month to help care for your child. However, life does not always allow you to make […]

Staying Involved in Your Child’s Life After a Divorce

childs life

Divorce is one of the most devastating events in your life, and the end of your marriage rarely has positive effects. Regardless, your role as a parent continues no matter your marital status. Whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent, you still have a role to play in caring for your child and ensuring […]

Exchanging Children is an Essential Activity

exchange children essential

Despite having been divorced for 20 years, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis made news recently after sharing photos of their family’s shared pandemic lockdown. Clad in matching pajamas, the long-split couple certainly seems to be a model of co-parenting goals. However, despite the happy images, co-parenting is a significant challenge right now for many families. […]