What to Expect From an Emergency Child Custody Hearing

Child custody cases in New Jersey can quickly take unexpected twists and turns that throw you for a loop. In certain circumstances, you can find yourself calling for or being called into an emergency child custody hearing. These proceedings can feel overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety for all parties involved. But what constitutes […]

What’s the Difference Between Custody and Guardianship in New Jersey?

a judge's gavel with cardboard cutouts of 2 parents and a child in front of it

Family law can be complex, and legal definitions can be a bit mystifying when it comes to the care of a child. Many consider the idea of custody and guardianship to be one and the same. However, these terms describe separate arrangements, and the main differentiator lies in the child’s parentage. Custody orders pertain to […]

Exchanging Children is an Essential Activity

exchange children essential

Despite having been divorced for 20 years, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis made news recently after sharing photos of their family’s shared pandemic lockdown. Clad in matching pajamas, the long-split couple certainly seems to be a model of co-parenting goals. However, despite the happy images, co-parenting is a significant challenge right now for many families. […]

Co-Parenting During a Pandemic

co-parenting during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is unlike any prior state of emergency the United States has ever faced. With children schooling from home, businesses closing, and employers laying off workers in droves, this crisis is impacting more than just the public’s health – it’s impacting the very way we live our lives.  The reason for this is […]

How to Keep Your Kids From Being Affected by Divorce

kids affected divorce

Divorce is hard – and it can be even harder when you have kids and want to protect them. While you can’t keep the truth from your children, you can help them process it in a way that minimizes the impact and shows them what healthy co-parenting looks like. Even if you and your spouse […]

After the Dust Settles – Dealing with Child Custody after a Divorce

child custody after divorce

Your divorce is finally over. You and your ex are rebuilding your lives and you while you can move on in most aspects, if you have children you’re still going to have to deal with your ex. So how do you do it without a constant argument and in a way that’s best for your […]

What happens if I keep my child or children past my allotted parenting time?

parenting time

If you’ve been through a divorce or child custody proceeding the words parenting time probably has a strong meaning for you. Even if you and your ex-partner have an agreement on parenting time that lays out when and how long each parent can see your child or children, it may be difficult at times to […]

Can I Move My Child or Children Out of State When I’m Divorced?

moving state child

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you when you’re not looking. You lay out your plans, chart your course, and align everything in your life to support your path. But what happens when life happens and things change, including where you want to live? An unexpected move out of state things can […]

Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I Have Joint Custody?

joint custody child support

When it comes to separation and divorce, few issues are more important than child support and custody. New Jersey has two types of custody: Legal and residential (also known as “physical”). Within these types are two additional types of child custody: Joint and sole. In New Jersey, joint legal custody means both parents share major […]

Child Custody Laws in New Jersey: The Basics

child custody laws New Jersey

Parting ways with a significant other when you’re both parents of a child means that a child custody agreement must be designed. This agreement will determine how custody is divided and will likely also determine child support and the requirements for making decisions for the child. This process can be emotionally trying, but at all […]