It’s a Date: 6 Ideas for the Sweetest Pandemic Date Night Ever

pandemic date night

Majorly trending on Twitter: Since some experts are predicting a surge of #covidivorces, it might be time to schedule some hot #pandemicdatenights or tap into #quarantech for social distance dating.

Lots of us are living in closer quarters with our partners or spouses. Some of us are virtually dating our new significant other, while others are using dating apps to meet new people (talk about flipping a first date on its head).  

That’s why we’re here with a quick list of affordable, fun and intimate pandemic date night ideas, whether you’re in the same space or not.

1. Get pumped up about an exercise date.

If you’ve been working at home, a 30-minute exercise date can spark a much-needed endorphin boost. Plus, Kansas State University researchers found that people who exercise together increased their workout time and intensity by 200 percent. When you live together, try jogging, biking or walking outside together in your neighborhood or at a park. You can also head to your deck or backyard for a partner yoga session. 

If you like structured classes, check out a site like Fitness Blender, which offers hundreds of free online workouts, from low impact to toning to Pilates to kettlebells (you can even schedule and track your workouts). For partners who miss hitting nightclubs or all-night parties, try a dance-based workout from 305 Fitness that will make your hearts go pitter-pat.

Your virtual option: Use Zoom or FaceTime to work out together from your respective pads. To make it more fun, take turns creating workouts to surprise (and challenge) each other.

2. Get your game face on.

If you live together, go a little old school and break out some of the classics: Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble and UNO. And don’t worry, lots of these games offer online versions if you don’t have them at home.

Your virtual option: Try some whiteboard Pictionary, using tech like Miro’s whiteboard or Zoom’s whiteboard feature to guess what your date-night opponent is drawing. (We guarantee you’ll have a blast laughing at each other’s doodles.)

3. Whip up some culinary delights.

One of the most romantic things you can do? Cooking for your partner. If you live together, this stay-in date night can take so many delicious forms: A fun cook-off, where you each make a dish that reminds you of your first date. A backyard, terrace or deck picnic where you each bring the other person’s favorite food. An evening dinner that ends with some stargazing. Or set up a different pop-up restaurant every weekend, where you make the best use of your space, no matter how big or small. And don’t forget to light the jasmine-scented candles, while you cue up your favorite Ed Sheeran album.

Your virtual option: Coordinate food deliveries, and eat your favorite meal together via a video call. To spice things up, order your date’s food, so they’re totally surprised when they open the door. Or, cook your meals at the same time (following the same recipe) over video and then “sit down to eat” together on video.

4. Get educated together.

Ever wish you could ask Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour how to lead or director Martin Scorsese the secrets of filmmaking? When you use an affordable service like MasterClass, you and your partner will have instant access to an amazing group of gurus. You can learn cooking from world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, the art of magic from Penn & Teller or acting from Natalie Portman. Choose different classes to expand your minds together.

Your virtual option: Take the class together via screen sharing, or watch separately and set up a review session to dive deeper into everything you’ve learned.

5. Take movie night to the next level.

Pick a theme, like iconic ’80s movies (hello, “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club”) or “The Twilight Zone” or “Star Trek,” and make a major marathon night out of it. Set up a comfy lounge area in front of your family room big screen or in the basement in front of your projector wall. Make your own popcorn with your favorite toppings, like extra butter or drizzles of chocolate and caramel.

Your virtual option: There’s no party like a Netflix Party, right? The streaming service recently announced a Google Chrome extension that lets you and your date watch a movie at the same time and chat about it in real time. If you haven’t watched “Tiger King” yet, now’s the time.

6. Visit a fancy-shmancy museum (in your sweats).

Feel free to dress up or down for your private virtual tour. But a big part of the thrill with your SOpicking where you travel: New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art? The Musée d’Orsay in Paris? The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy?The Smithsonian’s guided walk-through? A pandemic’s the perfect time to have your pick of the world’s finest gallery collections.

Your virtual option: Use a screen-share function to view an otherworldly NASA exhibit or decadent French art together.

7. Welcome to the jungle (literally).

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, go hunting for your favorite live wildlife cams and zoo tours (even though their gates are closed during coronavirus). If you love big cats, tune into the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute’s lion live cam or the Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo’s super-cute baby snow leopards, Miska and Kang Ju. If you want some major relax time, check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live Jelly Cam, where you can watch colorful sea nettles drift and in the water. For a little more action, check out the aquarium’s other cool cams featuring sharks and sea otters.

Your virtual option: Again, use your screen-share function to watch bald eagles soar or elephants take a midday bath.

A great pandemic date night just requires a little creativity and can go a long way toward keeping your relationship spark strong.

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