You never know when you will need to become a guardian.

When someone is unable to make important decisions about their health, safety, and welfare, a guardianship petition can be filed to the court to appoint someone as a surrogate decision-maker for them.

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What are some situations where a guardianship petition could be required?

Imagine a situation where a special needs child turns 18 years old and is unable to take care of themselves. Or one where a 44-year-old is badly mentally incapacitated by a motorcycle injury, but did not sign a Power of Attorney beforehand. Or one where an elderly individual in a nursing home is no longer capable of handling their affairs. If there is no Durable Power of Attorney in situations like these, you will need an application for Guardianship filed with the Surrogate Court so that you may stand legally in the incapacitated person’s shoes and handle their affairs.

Situations where guardianship petitions are necessary can be extraordinary stressful for the family involved. Keith Family Law has experience in filing these applications and serving as Guardian ad Litem for alleged incapacitated persons and persons in need of Guardianship for limited purposes. If you have any questions about the steps that need to be taken, please contact us today. We will provide you with individualized legal counsel with one of our family lawyers to help you determine your best course of action.

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