Divorce & Separation

In matrimonial law, there can be an obstacle course of issues.


Going through a divorce can be a remarkably stressful and confusing experience. New Jersey divorce law is very complex, adding to the already high levels of emotional trauma you could be going through. At Keith Family Law, we do whatever we can to help guide our clients through the entire divorce process, from a period of separation to the time when the divorce is finalized. Over 95% of all divorce cases in New Jersey are settled privately.

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Amicable Divorce

If separating couples have shared priorities or are able to work together to determine a path forward, there are a range of alternative dispute resolution options available including mediation or collaborative practice to help you begin a new, independent future.

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Contested Divorce

Often couples disagree or cannot communicate to determine how to shape their future outside of court. In these instances, you'll need an experienced lawyer who will fiercely represent your interests on matters ranging from child custody to support.

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What is the difference between separation and divorce?

Many people use the terms “divorce” and “separation” interchangeably, even though they are legally quite different.

There is no such thing as a state of legal separation in New Jersey. Spouses are free to separate without a Complaint to court, live apart, and develop a plan to take care of equitable distribution, child custody, child support, and other divorce-related issues.

That said, this plan would not be a legally enforceable separation agreement. You would still be legally married to your spouse with all of the obligations involved, including sharing debt and other financial considerations, while also being unable to legally marry someone else.

What are our divorce options?

If you want a “legal separation” in New Jersey, then your best bet is Divorce from Bed and Board. This legal arrangement does not dissolve the bonds of matrimony. You will still be legally entangled in many ways, such as potentially being able to continue to carry health insurance for legal spouses. Although many of the benefits of marriage will continue, spouses will almost always divide their assets and liabilities, provide for alimony, child custody, child support, and plan parenting time as they would in an Absolute Divorce. At any time, either spouse can make an application to the court for an Absolute Divorce, with the settlement terms under your Divorce from Bed and Board staying in place unless you and your spouse agree otherwise.

A divorce (also called Absolute Divorce) has legal ramifications that a Divorce from Bed and Board does not. When you are divorced, your spouse can no longer carry health insurance for you. You no longer accumulate benefits on your spouse’s earnings record for Social Security. Your spouse can change beneficiaries on their life insurances and retirement assets without your knowledge. There are many other benefits to marriage that a divorce will terminate.

What’s next?

The first step towards divorce in New Jersey is for one spouse to prepare a Complaint for Divorce. As filing this Complaint with the court can impact your ability to negotiate freely with your spouse without court interference in mediation or collaborative practice, we suggest waiting until those options have been explored.

You can file for an uncontested divorce (if a marital settlement agreement has been signed), a contested divorce, or look for an alternative method of resolution. Divorce and separation in New Jersey can be a very technical process, but you have many options that you can use to your advantage. There are many privately negotiated agreements that can be made using a number of methods outside of the courtroom. These can include divorce negotiation, mediation, or the Collaborative Law process. A collaboratively trained attorney can help you work together through collaborative practice to find an ideal separation agreement and help you both move forward into the future.

If you have questions regarding your specific divorce or separation issue, or any other areas of divorce and family law, please feel free to call us for a consult. We will provide you with individualized legal counsel with one of our family lawyers.

Keith Family Law is a full service family law practice in Westfield, New Jersey that serves clients from Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, and Warren County.

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Our Family Law Services

Divorce & Separation

We provide expert legal guidance through the entire divorce process, from a period of separation to divorce finalization.
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When matters in a divorce need to be settled in family court, our attorneys are compassionate, commanding advocates.
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Collaborative Divorce

Explore a new process of divorce that has been proven to reduce conflict, preserve families, and promote lasting marital settlement agreements.
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Our divorce mediation services provide the expert help you need in devising a settlement agreement that both parties can live with.
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Alimony can be an emotional and complex component of divorce. We can help negotiate an acceptable outcome for everyone involved.
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Child Custody

Let us guide you through the often sensitive and nuanced child custody process to ensure your child's best interests are being met.
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Child Support

Child support issues can be varied and complex. We can help you ensure the wellbeing of your child is put before anything else.
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Equitable Distribution

Get the help you need to ensure all marital assets are distributed in an equitable manner between the parties involved.
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Domestic Violence

Receive the legal assistance you need in order to get you and your children out of a domestic violence situation and into safety.
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Keep control over your divorce with an agreement reached on your schedule and tailored specifically to your needs.
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We provide individualized legal counsel to help you determine your best course of action for when you must step into someone else's shoes.
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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Eliminate any uncertainty about your wishes after you have passed on or designate someone in advance to legally handle your affairs.
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Divorce And Separation In North Jersey

When a couple begins to look into the process surrounding an end to a marriage, they start to look at their legal options. Most people believe that divorce and separation are two steps in the same process or are interchangeable terms. However, in the state of New Jersey, the legal definitions make them two distinct processes.

There is no such thing as a legal separation in New Jersey. While couples can separate, live apart from each other, and divest their finances, it is not an enforceable separation agreement in the state. Knowing your divorce options in New Jersey can help you formulate a plan moving forward.

Examining Your Divorce Options

While divorce and separation are two distinctly different legal actions in the Bergen County court of law, you still have a wealth of divorce options available that act as a type of separation in NJ. Our divorce law firm can help you decide which avenue is right for you and your family.

In the world of divorce and separation, absolute divorce represents the complete end of a marriage — which is the kind of divorce that immediately jumps to people’s minds when they hear the term. Spouses can no longer carry the other under their health insurance, and benefits are no longer accumulated for Social Security purposes. Your former spouse can also change beneficiaries on their life insurance and retirement documents without having to notify you of the changes.

Our divorce law firm has helped countless couples identify the divorce options available to them and what makes the most sense for their situation. Our team can help you make sense of the divorce paperwork and keep your options open. We serve clients throughout New Jersey, including:

  • Bergen County
  • Essex County
  • Middlesex County
  • Hudson County
  • Union County
  • Warren County
  • And More!

Separation in NJ

For couples looking for a trial separation or an option that represents a step down from absolute divorce, their choices in the state are limited. With no legally recognized marital separation in NJ, couples need to understand the differences in the divorce process to find their path forward. One such option comes in the form of Divorce from Bed and Board.

Divorce from Bed and Board represents the closest approximation of marital separation you can find in NJ. This particular divorce option does not dissolve the marital bonds, and by extension, the benefits associated with having a spouse. While the bonds of marriage still legally exist, both parties will begin to divide their assets and liabilities while providing alimony and child support payments and planning out custody visits as they would during an Absolute Divorce.

Inside The Divorce Process

Getting an inside look at the divorce process across Middlesex, Essex, Union, and Warren County can help you make the best decision for your family moving forward with a divorce. Going through the divorce and separation process can take a toll on your family, and having an experienced voice by your side can help make understanding the process and going through all of the divorce paperwork less of an emotional toll.

Having the right law firm in your corner can make the divorce and separation process go more smoothly than it otherwise would. Knowing the options available to you and knowing that the team on your side has your best interests at heart will help during their turbulent transition. Our divorce law firm specializes in:

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